Nationally 14% of households main source of lighting is solar

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The KNBS report 2018 indicates (see section 3.5 in particular), that only 3% of rural Kenyans use environmentally sustainable sources of energy (14% at national level). At the same time the World Economic Forum states that, in terms of increasing access to electrity and transitioning to enviromentally fiendly sources of energy, Kenya “shows the hightest readiness scores among Sub-Saharan countries, whose popoulation faces energy access challenges” (see pages 7 and 31 to 33 of the WEF Fostering Effective Energy Transition report 2018. Find here a newspaper article that gives more information on the same. The article refers to the two reports mentioned: KNBS Basic report 2018 and WEF Fostering Effective Energy Transition report 2018

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