The objective of this study is to provide an overview of the EEP mini-grid portfolio, highlight observations and lessons learned about challenges and opportunities in the mini-grid sector, and provide recommendations for mini-grid developers and the programmes that support them. Countries in Africa are struggling to balance an increasing demand for electricity with the high cost of extending national electricity grids with limited government budgets. With rapid technological development, renewable energy mini-grids are a practical solution to the challenge of electrifying rural areas. In many cases mini-grids are the most effective way to provide access to energy as they are flexible, easily installed, and can be connected to the main grid if and when the national network expands. They also offer long-term development impact by reducing carbon emissions and creating new jobs and business opportunities. Find out more by downloading the EEP Study

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Productive uses of electricity in Tanzania.

Mini-grids could help unlock inclusive growth in remote rural areas, but few proactively stimulate productive uses of electricity, as this often requires resource-consuming actions and expertise. This paper characterises the current mini-grids’ industry, taking into account operators’ models and strategies. It then focuses on Tanzania, in particular JUMEME, a new and sophisticated private initiative that aims to build energy use and bring a strong added value to rural areas. It ends with recommendations for helping such private actors develop the areas they serve.

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The guidebook provides information on how to licensing a mini-grid energy service company in Kenya

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  • Author GTZ
  • Publication Date Wednesday, 01 June 2016

The energy sector regulator has shot down a Kenya Power application for electricity tariff increase that would have seen consumers’ bills increase by Sh2.6 billion every month.

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The report argues that Kenya shows that the global microgrid market is ready for significant private investment.

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I-DEV, partner of the GMG Managing Entity, has published a report on solar electrification in Kenya. It highlights the growing interest and viability of energy solar solution.

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  • Author I DEV
  • Publication Date Wednesday, 04 April 2018
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