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Request for Expressions of Interest to support the Kenya Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority in the mini grid sector: 


Consultancy Services to Support the Kenya Energy  and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA) in the mini grid sector

Tendering Organization

Innovation Energie Développement (IED), France

IED is the Managing Entity of the Green Mini Grid (GMG) project implemented by AFD in Kenya.

Country of assignment



Consultancy Services

Expected scope of the assignment

The total TA effort for the envisaged scope of work is estimated to require up to 500 expert days. Main areas of support are:

o   Adaptation and adoption of draft Mini grid regulations

o   Capacity building of national staff

o   Provision of Embedded expertise

o   Support to the IT Section (electronic processing of applications

Number of firms to be shortlisted

Up to 6 consultancy firms will be short listed and requested to submit full proposals


30 April 2020 12:00 PM East Africa Time (EAT).

Electronic submission to

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with copy to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Reference number

IED K/GMG/2020/001



The Green Mini Grid (GMG) Facility Kenya is funded by DFID and EU Africa Infrastructure Trust Fund (EUAITF) and is implemented by the Agence Française de Développement (AFD). The Program is managed by Innovation Energie Développement (IED), acting as the Managing Entity of the project. The GMG Facility Kenya aims to enhance access to energy in Kenya by encouraging private investment in mini grids based on renewable energy. The GMG Facility Kenya commenced in 2016 and has since provided on demand driven technical assistance and financial support through investment and out based grants to private developers to encourage the building and operation of green mini-grids. The program is expected to achieve:

  • 13,000 – 17,000 new connections reaching 65 000 to 85,000 people with new access
  • 5 megawatts capacity installed through mini grids
  • increased private finance flows into the sector
  • GMG sector technical assistance to support a self-sustaining GMG sector in Kenya,
  • Contribute to improving mini-grid regulations and policy,

GMG Facility Kenya works closely with the Ministry of Energy and Petroleum (MOEP) and the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA) which both support and facilitate the development of the mini grid sector in Kenya. Over the last years several mini grids have been constructed and become operational supported by GMG, GIZ, and the Rural Electrification Authority (now Rural Electrification and Renewable Energy Corporation, REREC). EPRA was established as the successor to the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) under the Energy Act, 2019 with an expanded mandate of inter alia regulation of upstream petroleum and coal. Among others, the EPRA regulates i) Generation, importation, exportation, transmission, distribution, supply and use of electrical energy with the exception of licensing of nuclear facilities and ii) Production, conversion, distribution, supply, marketing and use of renewable energy.

Regulations for the mini grid sector were drafted in 2017 with technical support from several development partners. The regulations need to be adapted to the new Energy Act of 2019, subjected to the stakeholder review process and subsequently submitted to Parliament for official endorsement and then for implementation by EPRA. The overall process is guided by the Taskforce on the Implementation of the Energy Act appointed by the Cabinet Secretary for Energy in July 2019.

Scope of Work

The envisaged scope of work will involve among others

  • Adaptation of the draft mini grid regulations prepared in 2017 to bring these in line with the new Energy Act as well as support to the adoption process.
  • Update of the mini grid model used for the tariff calculations to ensure that these reflect the current conditions
  • Capacity building of EPRA’s staff in the application of the mini grid regulations
  • Provision of embedded expertise for a limited period to support EPRA in the processing of applications and permits while at same time building internal staff capacity
  • Support to the IT section to strengthen the electronic processing of applications

Requirements for submission

GMG Facility Kenya, through its Managing Entity (IED, France), invites eligible Firms to indicate their interest in being invited to submit a full proposal at the Request for Proposal (RFP) stage. Interested Firms must provide information indicating that they are qualified to perform the services, referring to the guidance above. Consultants may associate with other invited and non-invited firms to enhance their qualifications. The EOI submission shall be in the form of a single attached PDF file, including any annexes. Please note that the total size of this PDF file should be less than 10MB. The Firms should limit their EOI to a focused and tailored submission not to exceed 20 pages, exclusive of CVs and suggestions/comments on the proposed approach/methodology, which can be included as annex material. EOI submissions that go beyond the 20 pages limit WILL NOT BE REVIEWED beyond this point, which may negatively impact on the scoring that is given. The intention at the EOI stage is to assess the suitability of each Firms to be invited to the RFP stage, and so firms should focus on responding to the criteria outlined in Scope of Work Section above, and should keep their EOI submissions concise and to the point.

Qualification criteria bidder

In order to confirm eligibility for AFD’s financing, interested firms shall submit (as part of the Annex to the expression of interest) a duly signed ‘statement of integrity’ which can be downloaded from www. (appendix 1 of

Interested Consultancy Firms must provide information evidencing that they are qualified and experienced to perform those services, such as:

  • Presentation of the Consultancy Firm: background, scope of activities, financial data (sales figures, etc.) for the past 3 years, description of human resources, organogram, etc. Firms below 2 million euro turn over and less than 10 permanent staff WILL NOT BE ELIGIBLE.
  • Experience on similar projects during the last 10 years. Similar projects include experience in mini grids sector or, next best, experience with off-grid sector and conventional rural electrification.
  • Firms which can bring in Kenyan expertise for specific tasks will have a distinct advantage or, next best, experience in other African Countries.

Disclaimers and general information

The attention of interested consultants is drawn to paragraph 1.3.3 of the AFD procurement guidelines: Guidelines for the procurement of AFD financed contracts in Foreign Countries, setting forth the AFD’s policy on conflict of interest.

Further information can be obtained at the email address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 7 days before dead line for submission

Among the submitted applications, IED will shortlist a maximum of six (6) consultants, to whom the Request for Proposals to carry out the services shall be issued.

This is not an invitation to tender. Following the completion of the EOI stage, a shortlist of eligible firms will be invited to the RFP stage, which will include a full technical and financial evaluation.

Only shortlisted firms will be contacted for the tender process

Nothing in the REOI shall be construed to be a commitment of the part of GMG Facility Kenya, IED and/or AFD. IED does not guaranteed to proceed further than the EOI and this invitation for EOI is being neither an agreement not an offer for award of work.



Download the PDF File attached - Deadline is 30th April 12:00 PM EAT - You can also go to the DG Market website

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On 2 July 2019, the Kenya Ministry of Energy and the Green Mini Grid Facility Kenya hosted a Workshop entitled “Productive Use of Energy Applications in Off-Grid Energy Systems Workshop,” which focused on the opportunity and challenges in rural electrification, economic development and mini grid businesses in Kenya. The purpose of the workshop was to facilitate dialogue between critical public and private sector actors needed to develop scalable, financially and environmentally sustainable solutions for increasing access to electricity in rural areas, on grid and off grid, that create greater opportunity for Kenyans. Find the report of this event, as well as the Presentations made during this day.

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The GMG Facility Kenya is looking for a M&E consultant to evaluate the part of the GMG Facility Kenya programme funded by DFID covering the period Oct 2016 to June 2019. The assignment should be carried out between June and September 2019. The Objectives of the assignment are to:
- the technical, financial and organizational aspects of the implementation of the project
- Assess the achievements of the program’s objectives and results
- Evaluate the difficulties encountered and the solutions implemented  
- Provide recommendations for replication of the project post evaluation 

For more information on the assignment and the application procedures, please find the ToR attached.

Green Mini Grid Facility in Kenya
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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The guide is the result of the GMG Facility Kenya’s extensive work to support mini-grid developers and the mini-grid industry at large to address sector level barriers to expanding off-grid electrification, with an emphasis on increasing market access and social inclusion for bottom of the pyramid (BoP) consumers and businesses.

Attached are the ICE Making Calculator and a report on ice making.

Published in Reports and Surveys
The GMG Facility is encouraged by the interest to date for the GMG call for proposals, and look forward to reviewing the concepts submitted. We remind all that the first deadline is 17th September and concepts will be reviewed and awards will be granted on a first come first server basis. Mini-grid applications submitted after 17th September will be reviewed once the initial batch are evaluated pending availability of funds. Type and nature of support Under the GMG Kenya programme, the Managing Entity will provide two main kinds of support to GMG Facility Recipients: - Technical assistance (TA) activities structured on a demand-driven basis at the project level. - Output based - connection and/or milestone grant support through the grant facility encourage private operators to build and operate green mini-grids providing access to electricity in Kenya. Both the technical assistance and the financial support facilities will be tailored to the specific needs of the eligible GMG Facility Recipient. A flexible approach will be used to design and implement the service awarded, taking into consideration the level of advancement of the recipient projects: pre-feasibility, development or execution phase of the project cycle. Priority will be given to projects with high social impact, reasonable funding needs, positive environmental and social impact, potential for replication and sustainability, and high contribution to reach the programme objectives within given timelines. More details regarding the eligibility and the application process can be found in the Manual of Procedures. Please register here for access. Summary guidelines are attached for reference. The GMG Facility google application forms can also be found here once registered. Please send inquires to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The GMG Facility Managing Entity
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Nairobi, Kenya – 13th August 2018

The Green Mini Grid Facility Kenya (GMG Facility), a financing program aiming at the promotion of private initiatives in green mini-grids has today launched its second call for proposals that supports mini grid projects and ultimately enhancing access to energy, supporting economic development while improving the wellbeing of populations in Kenya.

The Kenyan Constitution recognizes access to energy as a basic human right. Subsequently, the Kenyan Government is committed to ensuring that all Kenyans have this access by the year 2020, in line with Vision 2030. The GMG Facility was established to support the Government’s commitment towards Kenya’s electrification, and is expected to transform the lives of no less than 100,000 Kenyans who currently do not have access to modern energy services.

The GMG Facility is providing Output-based Grants and Technical Assistance to mini grid developers in Kenya. These Investment and Connection-based Grants will help developers scale their ongoing projects, whereas the Technical Assistance provides support to mini-grid developers during feasibility, development and execution phases of mini grid development.

For more information contact:

The Green Mini Grid Facility Kenya managing entity: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

About the Green Mini Grid Facility Kenya

The GMG Facility is funded by DFID and co-funded by the European Union Africa Infrastructure Trust Fund, and provides grants and technical assistance for promoting private sector mini grid development in Kenya. The Agence Française de Développement (AFD) is the implementing partner of the Facility and has partnered with Innovation Energie Développement (IED) in association with I-DEV and Practical Action Consulting, to be the Managing Entity. The Managing Entity manages the day-to-day operations of the GMG Facility. For more information on the GMG Facility Kenya visit:

More about the Call for Proposals

Private mini-grid developers, non-governmental organizations, and local institutions can submit proposals with a chance of accessing technical and financial support for the design, development and execution of green mini-grids in Kenya. The first deadline for submission is 17th September 2018.

For more details regarding the eligibility and the application process visit:

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The Green Mini Grid Facility Kenya aims to enhance access to energy in Kenya by encouraging private investment in rene wable energy based mini - grids.

Access to energy is recognised as a basic human right by the Kenyan 2010 Constitution. Subsequently the Kenyan Government is committed to ensuring that all Kenyans have this access by the year 2020, in line with Vision 2030.

The GMG Facility Kenya was es tablished to support the Government’s commitment towards Kenya’s electrification, with funding from the UK Department for International Development (DfID) , for investment in milestone based investment grants, output based grants, and technical assistance for both mini - grid developers and the sector as a whole.

The Agence Française de Développement (AFD) is the implementing partner for the Facility. AFD has strong regional experience in managing programmes aimed at promot ing renewable energy resources and energy efficiency. AFD has partnered with Innov ation Energie Développement to be the M anaging E ntity . IED will manage the day - to - day operations of the GMG Facility, in partnership with I - DEV and Practical Action Consulting.

Ultimately, the GMG Facility will provide assistance to the private sector in a responsible manner so as to develop sustainable and scalable businesses supporting a market driven approach to providing energy access to all Kenyans.

The GMG Facility Kenya was rolled out on the 2 nd of March 2017 at the GIZ Financing for Mini - Grid workshop, where Kenya’s Cabinet Secretary for Energy and Petroleum, the Hon. Dr. Eng. Joseph Njoroge, emphasized the importance of mini - grids to the mix of energy solutions to meet the goal of reaching all Kenyans with affordable power. The First Call for Proposals will be March 2017 , with a rolling call thereafter. P rivate mini - grid develop ers , non - government al organizations, and local institutions can submit proposals with a chance of accessing technical and financial support for the design, development and execution of green mini - grids in Kenya.

All information on where and how to submit an application can be found on the GMG Facility’s website while applications can be done here

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GMG Facility Kenya continues to accept applications from Green Mini Grid developers and programmes focused on supporting the Kenyan 2020 goal of providing access to electrification to all. A reminder that the call for application has no deadline and that the GMG Facility Managing Entity will be reviewing applicants periodically. We have begun to review the first set of applicants and will be starting the next round in the next several weeks. As the time draws near, we will announce when we plan to start the second round reviews. To get more information, please register at our online portal. Once you register, you will receive a username and password to gain access to the details in the GMG Facility Manual of Procedures on eligibility, grant awards, and application requirements.

You can check the organization and project eligibility criteria here.

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Tuesday, 06 February 2018 07:57

The GMG Facility Kenya Moves Forward

The Green Mini Grid (GMG) Facility Kenya is grateful to the Powerhive families of Kisii and Nyamira Counties in Western Kenya for their participation in demonstrating the value of electrification to their community. Check out their story at “GMG Facility Benefits Rural Kenya”. The GMG Facility Kenya has provided technical assistance, and is providing output based connection grants, and milestone capital investment grants to mini-grid developers Powerhive, PowerGen and RVE.Sol. We are looking for additional mini-grid developers and projects in Kenya. Check back at for the announcement of the next call for proposals in the coming months. For more details about the GMG Facility you may register at “GMG Online Platform”. We welcome your questions at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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