We provide Output-based Grants & Technical Assistance

Investment and connection grants to help developers scale. Technical assistance providing advice on the electrification market in Kenya, and support to mini-grid developers during feasibility, development and execution phases.

Grant Information

The GMG Facility Kenya will provide financial support in the form of a grant to encourage private operators to build and operate mini-grids in Kenya that extend access to electricity to as many customers as possible.

Two types of grants will be considered:
  • Investment Grants: Grants to assist developers cover the capital expenditure costs of establishing a mini-grid, including power generation, distribution and associated infrastructure. These grants are disbursed on a cost calculation basis when specific milestone of the project implementation are met.
  • Output-Based Grants: Grants disbursed on a per connection basis (e.g. as X euros per connection). The amount of the per-connection grants may vary from project to project depending on the choice of technology, level of service, approved end-user tariff, local conditions of the site, etc.

The GMG Facility will provide assistance primarily to GMG Facility Recipients on the basis of eligible GMG project reviews.  Sector technical assistance will also be provided to support the development of a sustainable mini-grid market. There are six different types of technical support available as described below.

  1. Technical and Engineering Support: Through a pool of experts, assistance will consist of mini-grid technical and engineering support to include but not limited to, assistance in carrying out feasibility studies, engineering design in terms of power generation, distribution, connection and metering.
  2. Business and Financial Planning Support : The GMG Facility will provide business and financial planning support, such as developing business plans, financial models, corporate structuring, financial management procedures, pre-finance advice and preparation.
  3. Legal and Compliance Support: The GMG Facility will provide legal and compliance support. Support will be provided towards negotiating with the central government, county government and regulators’ requirements including accessing permits, licenses, approvals and no-objections.  Additionally, the GMG Facility will advocate for clear and consistent policy and regulatory framework to support the development of the private sector.
  4. Environmental Support: Kenyan law requires that Greenfield mini-grid projects, regardless of their size, obtain approval of the Environmental Impact Assessment by the National Environment Management Authority (NEMA). This is granted through an established licensing process that includes an environmental impact assessment.   Consultants will provide Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) support as a key element of the TA facility. ESIA will be a prerequisite for funding under the program.
  5. Social Impact Support: The GMG Facility also provides social impact assessments for the sector and GMG Facility Recipients.  Support may include social inclusion and gender mainstreaming in design, development and management of mini-grids.  In addition, the impact on communities in regards to the integration of productive use of electricity, and the benefits in providing electrification to social establishments such as schools and clinics, will be assessed.  Community engagement models for mini-grid management and the impact on livelihood and community development will also be considered.
  6. Sector Technical Assistance: Market assessment and market development support will be provided in the form of pre-feasibility market information dissemination at the sector level. Support will be provided to specific developers in implementing investment grade market assessments that will provide information on sizing of current and future demand. Several developers also highlighted the need for assistance with structuring community engagement, including access to land (for generation and distribution way leaves), establishing community trusts that represent the community’s interests (financial and otherwise), and working with local leaders (cultural, political and business).

Only organizations who have recceived GMG grants are eligible for technical assistance. If you need support please contact us
In order to be eligible for Technical Assistance or Grant support, the GMG Facility applicants must be a legal entity registered in Kenya, and be compliant with Kenyan regulation and legislation; including having, or be in the process of obtaining necessary licenses.

Eligible entities must be either a non-government organization, local institution or private company and must demonstrate their direct contribution to the objectives of the GMG Facility.

For more details on eligibility go to http://extranet.gmgfacilitykenya.org/
For a project to qualify for funding, the applicant organization must meet all the criteria under Who is Eligible tab above. Please read the information on who is eligible before proceeding.
A project is eligible if:
  1. The applicant organization is eligible.
  2. The project is at pre-feasibility, developmnet or execution stage. Projects that are already fully developed are not eligible.
  3. Targets off-grid distribution models
  4. Demonstrate direct contribution to: increase access to electricity; improve social and economic conditions of the target beneficiaries; mitigate climate change through use of renewables and includes private sector involvement.
  5. The project is in line with national policies
  6. It is compliant with AFD guidelines and Kenyan environmental and social standards.
  7. Priority will be given to proposals that target 500 connections or more.  This minimum threshold may be adjusted based on the proposals recceived.
The GMG Facility has developed an online workspace at http://extranet.gmgfacilitykenya.org/ that will be used to manage the application process and store relevant documents from the Applicant. To apply:

  1. Confirm your eligibility on this page under who is eligible and eligible projects.
  2. Click on REGISTER and fill up the registration form and submit
  3. An automated email will be sent for confirmation to the email address indicated on the form. Please click on the link indicated in the email to confirm the registration request.
  4. Login using the password sent: Upon approval the login and password will be sent on the same email address indicated on the form
  5. Once logged in the secured 'My Space' home page you can access the Application Guidelines and other crucial information to read first before applying for Technical Assistance or Grant
  6. To apply, you must complete google Form A:  GMG Facility General Information and Form B:  Concept Note.  Access to the Google Application Form links, can be found on the secured 'My Space' home page.
Any enquiries related to registration, or technical challenges with the Application GMG Facility online platform should be addressed to the GMG Facility Kenya helpdesk at: contact@gmgfacilitykenya.org or use our online form here

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