IRENA Renewable Energy and Jobs Annual Review 2020

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Every year ARENA publishes its "Annual review of employment in renewables" among other annual reports. The 2020 edition is now available. It provides the latest available estimates of renewable energy employment and continues to refine and improve data and methodologies. Global numbers are based on a wide range of studies. Those studies apply varying methodologies to information of varying detail and quality.

It is to be noticed that employment in renewable energy worldwide was estimated at 11.5 million in 2019, up from 11 million in 2018. Women hold 32% of these jobs. Then, the solar PV industry retains the top spot, with 33% of the total renewable energy workforce. Another point is that building the skills base necessary to support the ongoing global energy transition from fossil fuels to renewables requires more vocational training, stronger curricula, more teacher training and expanded use of information and communications technology for remote learning. Finally, the COVID-19 pandemic reinforced the importance of strong policy frameworks for renewables to achieve social, economic and environmental objectives.

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  • Author: IRENA
  • Publication Date: 2020
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